The Vent

The NFL is worth over $45 billion. Should it really be considered a non-profit? I think not.

The Clayton police chief who is allowing Craigslist transactions to be held in the police department parking lot is one smart officer!

Parents, when your child's work is sub par, admit it and help him do a better job. When you don't care, your child doesn't care!

Mayor Kasim Reed is selling Turner Field. Now is trying to sell the civic center. Why doesn't he just go ahead and sell City Hall and close the city government? We would be better off.

I liked it when Lincoln and Washington had separate birthdays!

So the DeKalb commissioner promoting video poker machines is a paid consultant to the casino company that bought 10 acres? Why not just re-elect Vernon and be done with it?

Dan Quinn better demand the final word in player selection for the draft or he'll wind up like Mike Smith — trying to win with minimal talent on the field.

Can we ship all of the snow in Boston to California to ease the drought?

Those women who sing about "girl power" usually have a man directing their careers.

When is the state going to do anything about the new gouging, gas stations charging a random 3 to 10 cents more per gallon for credit AND debit cards, with no relation from day to day in the fee.

While you sat in gridlock traffic for hours, I zipped from my office to my condo in 20 minutes on MARTA. Traffic? What traffic?

I sure hope an early spring prediction doesn't mean March 19.

I feel sorry for COPD people but where did this disease come from. Never heard of it until last year and a gazillion commercials.