How did spending within our means and supporting individual freedom ever become so despised?

Atlanta gets a new dome and streetcar, both useless and unnecessary. Who's getting paid under the table? Voters, remember politicians doing what they want, not what you want, next time elections come around.

Does a handicap sticker mean the owner cannot work delivering pizza? What's wrong with your logic and reasoning skills?

Insanity does not run in my family; rather it strolls through taking its time to personally know each and every one of them.

When makers of the new electronic pads finish adding a keyboard, stand, carrying case, and external drives, they will have reinvented a thing called a Laptop.

When did people begin substituting the word "stay" for "live?" As in, "I stay at that house on the corner." Unless the house on the corner is a bungalow at the Hilton, you "live" there.

Governor Deal, you chose a new Board of Education for Dekalb County; now it's time to choose one for Clayton County.

Can Pandora or Comcast tell that I mute commercials when I do other things?

Wanted to be the first to offer a "pollen" vent this year. Let's just call it "yellow journalism" slightly before its time.

Looks like Jay Leno has lost his stuff. He should have never bluffed about retiring, which ended up hurting Conan.

People who disregard global warming are the same people who say they're dieting when the go to McDonalds and order a diet soda with their QP with cheese!