The Vent

Why are people always willing to pay more taxes for this and that? Why not keep your tax rate the same and demand your elected officials cut spending elsewhere to provide this and that??

Folks, if you are traveling in the opposite direction of a stopped school bus, and your lanes are divided by a barrier, concrete or grass, you do not need to stop!

Why are the police in Missouri wearing desert camo in the city? If they want to blend in and not be seen, they should dress like a Chevy Caprice.

Actually, it IS the government that requires the airline to tell you to use the seat belt and how it works. It's required because, without that announcement, some bozo on the plane would see it as justification to refuse to fasten the belt, even though the bozo knows it's better to wear the belt. It's called "creative stupidity."

Senior drivers are not the main cause of preventable accidents that occur daily. Look in the mirror.

Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, and the news media just need to ignore Ferguson and the problems will go away.

Yes, it would have been nice if we had the Outer Perimeter now. It wasn't and won't be because as soon as a proposed route was disclosed, greedy folks snapped up that property at bargain prices so they could gyp the taxpayers later.

Ever notice all the litter along the curbs and median near any McDonald's? Says a lot about the type of customers they attract.

Douglas County taxpayers, wake up! Developers don't use their own money to build homes or venues.

Mankind. Destroying every living thing they can while they build zoos to try to keep handfuls to "save" them.

Can't we all just get along?

The turn signal article is proof that if we want more police protection all we need to pay for them is to enforce the traffic laws.

Saving someone's soul and caring about them are two opposite agendas.

Well, at least the alligator won't have to live in captivity under the abuse of this higher evolved species.

Tired of being attacked for your personal beliefs? Put some earphones on. Your blood pressure will go down.

All those traffic problems around Mill Creek High School could have been avoided had they made exit ramps at I-85 and Flowery Branch Road (which was needed anyway) and 4-laned Braselton Highway years ago as they should have. Won't happen now with all the anti-tax for any reason folks out there.

That poor woman in Helen survived Iraq but couldn't survive Georgia and the guns everywhere bill.

I consider Limbaugh and Neal Boortz just two people trying to shock us with their views. They are probably ok guys off the air.