The Vent for Wednesday

Heavy dense fog Monday morning and I almost get hit by a grey colored car with no headlights on. She blows her horn and gives me the finger right before she rams the car in front of her also with no lights on. Karma, gotta love it.

A sign of great intelligence is going on down the road and turning around safely, instead of stopping three lanes of traffic to cut across to the turn you almost missed. Besides, it's incredibly rude to think your right turn is more important that being a safe driver.

Another Mexican drug cartel broken up in the United States and Homeland Security says our borders are secure?

I guess I'm paranoid; government taking 10 Commandments out of school; wanting to confiscate our guns; investigating groups that want to assemble; pushing government propaganda in our schools; building a facility in Utah to track our emails and social media sites. Yes, I guess I am paranoid.

Kudos to Spelman for enforcing their late seating rule; More venues in Atlanta should follow your example.

Twitter is just global gossip gone wild.

My wife won't let me do anything I suggest and then criticizes me for not getting anything done.

Arthur Blank has given me yet another reason to NOT support the Falcons.

It is best not to accept any favor that is not granted willingly.

My 9th grade college prep English teacher once told me that the John Steinbeck book I was reading was "3rd grade reading material." How could she not know who he was? That has bothered me for 35 years now.

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