The Vent for Wednesday

The lies of this administration have finally caught up with it.

Good parents childproof cleaning supplies, medicines AND guns.

IRS - Internal Retaliation Service. Exactly what community organizers do.

O.J. must be eating good in jail.

If you want to accomplish less while spending more, get the feds involved.

I don't have a problem with the Newtown residents building a new school. What I do have a problem with is they're expecting federal tax dollars to do it! That's just wrong.

Giving a child access to a gun because he's been told how to be responsible with it is like giving a child the keys to your car. Children don't always think rationally.

Questioning the family values of Republicans from Democrats is hilarious. Ever heard of Bill Clinton or John Edwards?

Being in an accident while going to work on a Monday morning is a crappy way to start a week.

Just because you got the monkey off your back, it doesn't mean the circus has left town.

You can give all the police reports you want about the driver not using his blinker. The driver that rear ends someone will get the tickets. They are stupid but be smart and pay attention.

Kermit Gosnell gets convicted of infanticide. Remember Obama voted several times during his time as state senator FOR infanticide. I wonder how many others in Illinois should be in jail too?

Politicians need to learn some humility. The public forgives mistakes as long as you are forthcoming.

Teachers — the original cougars.

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