The Vent for Wednesday

Please don't expect the village to raise your child!

I don't care about Oprah's problems. Someone with her wealth doesn't need my sympathy.

"Anthony Weiner sets new record at 80% disapproval rating." 20% of New Yorkers actually approve of this guy?

I love my neighbors. I never see them or hear them. They're the best.

I went and bought hot sauce for my desk. Everyone knows I have it, so they don't buy their own. They used to ask; now they just take it. A microcosm of America.

Hey, young people, the closer you tailgate, the slower I go.

How many parents volunteer time at their children's school? Walk a mile in our shoes.

The only people politicians pander to are the rich 1% who run Congress.

The only time a salesperson has ever denied me access to their merchandise is when I asked to test drive a Bentley.

Until the world stops adoring super-skinny women, don't expect eating disorders to disappear.

Can TV coverage of the PGA get any more bizarre? DirectTV had bonus coverage consisting of four views. Most of the time two or three of the views showed Tiger Woods. Where's the variety?

How can you show your child the meteor showers if they have to get up to go to school? Classes should start in September.

Most schools in Georgia are failing - have you seen where Georgia stands in the national rankings?

I wish every hotel in this country would disengage the TV in guest rooms occupied by foreign visitors. It must make us look like idiots!

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