The Vent for Wednesday

Why can't everybody on the roads just drive? Do you really have to be on your phones texting, calling and looking at Facebook?

As a single dad, I get sick of people blaming all their shortcomings on being a single parent. Parenting pushed me to succeed.

Forget about giving a ticket for "texting while driving." Impound the vehicle.

My head hurts from all of the spin the Obama folks are putting on every topic.

Do any of the leaf-blowing landscape companies own a rake? Why blow the leaves into the road?

The puffing and posturing in the NFL is repulsive. They get paid handsomely to perform well. Penalize the goofballs who act like idiots after every play.

Can't we all take a break from politics this week? Take a deep breath, relax and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

During the Christmas holidays, let's work together to think of ways to make America better for our friends and citizens.

Spay and neuter your pets and help those who cannot afford to to do the same.

Black Friday: When everyone buys everything they can get their greedy hands on the day after giving thanks for everything they already have.

Drunks and concerts do not mix.

I'd love to attend Braves games in Cobb County. I went to two games in the current stadium and never went back.

Based on recent findings, "according to the FBI" means nothing anymore.

Pedestrians walk behind cars that are backing up because they don't pay attention. That's why I back into parking spaces.

Why would I ever ever buy pine needles?

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