The Vent for Tuesday

Next time you want to whine about going to vote in bad weather, just think about all the people in Afghanistan who risked their lives to vote!

Churches are supposed to care for the poor, hungry and sick — not build mega-mansions for their pastor, huge cathedrals to “worship” in or elaborate gyms and ball fields for church members.

If Paula Deen makes you sick, then don’t go to work for corporate America, because they almost never give you advance notice that you are being laid off or fired. In fact, they tell you and then escort your fanny out the door and then they mail you a check, maybe.

Had the pleasure of taking a commuter train in Puerto Rico. The cars and rail system look just like MARTA. However, the stations are cleaned, well-maintained and have good security. Come on, MARTA, get it together.

Guess I’ll watch a lot of the Masters this year since I won’t have to listen to "Tiger this" or "Tiger that" 90 percent of the telecast.

If tailgaters are bullies, then drivers who drive below the speed limit in the left lanes are selfish.

When did it become cool for well-educated TV personalities to use bad grammar?

Is MARTA ever going to clean up their train stations?

The only thing with a sweeter smell than freshly mowed grass is freshly mowed grass that someone other than me mowed.

Crush up about six “constipation relief” drugs and put them in the soda bottle with the lid screwed back on tight. I’m pretty sure you’ll find your soda thief by the next day!

I thought Uncle Bubba’s was a place accused of discrimination owned by Paula Deen’s family. Isn’t it good she shut it down? It seems these days you can’t win regardless of what you do.

I don’t know what that crap on TV was last night, but it surely was not country music.

Those drivers on Johnson Ferry Road in east Cobb who are speeding and weaving in and out of lanes are Moms in large, expensive SUVs on the way to their ALTA lessons and matches.

Paula Deen got the last laugh for those that called her RACIST!

Anyone who would love their dog as much as their children would be better off not having children.

I really enjoy having to pay more for gas to get to work just because other people get to out of town for Spring Break.

If the congregation wants the Archbishop to live near the cathedral in Buckhead, please tell me where he is going to live that is not high rent? The Clermont is not that close. And I’m not Catholic.

My Prius leaves tailgaters in the dust :-)

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