The Vent for Tuesday

I remember when a mob of kids playing across several neighborhood yards with happy dogs tagging along was a really good thing and defined what a made a neighborhood great. Clearly, times have changed.

Letting the Fulton tax commissioner personally profit from doing his job is sleazy and unethical even if it’s legal.

Hey! you know those lights that are on all the time you are driving? They are RUNNING lights, not headlights. And when it is dark, raining, or foggy, if you don’t turn on your HEADLIGHTS you have no tail lights and we can’t see you.

A considerate person, like me, brings their dog in when they are barking.

My son wore saggy pants. Not long ago he admitted to me, that looked so stupid he could not believe he went out in public looking that way.

It’s cheaper to buy a new microwave than getting it fixed. The parts are outrageous.

WHY did the IOC pick Sochi, Russia in the first place?

Got my Yellow Pages books today. They went straight from the front porch to the blue recylcing bin - you would think the phone company would learn this is very old school!

Every day we are reading about thousands of people being laid off, starting to sound very familiar. Do any of these companies bother to try and find another solution to increase their profit. Remember, unemployed can’t buy your product.

Living in the south I have to deal with rednecks on a daily basis so why would I want to come home and watch a reality program about them.?

I thought “pants on the ground” was because inmates were not given belts that could be used as weapons.

I think it’s safer at the Olympics in Russia than to be in a movie theater, elementary school or mall in the USA.