The Vent for Tuesday

I don’t want to hear another word about our government shutting down. Get in there and do what you’re paid to do!

If the Senate votes down the House resolution, it is Harry Reid and the Democrats who will be shutting the government down, not the Republicans.

Will some of these singers learn to sing the National Anthem the right way?

If one contributes to society in general, you’re a plus. If you put a drain on society, you’re a minus.

Has the company that gave security clearances to Alexis and Snowden been fired yet?

You’re going to be stuck with the cost for other people’s health issues just like you are now under existing insurance.

The government will not shut down. It’s just a bluff.

I hit a jaywalker and he got the ticket while they were loading him into the ambulance. You are expected to look for them in crosswalks, and that is it.

Cheer up Atlanta, you got a new stadium. And in a few years you will have a place to park all of those old used MARTA buses.

The only benefit I will see from that new stadium is that my tax dollars will build it.

Governor Deal’s response to the new health care law has been a deal breaker for me.

Raise the penalty for not having insurance to $4000 per year. That might stop the foot dragging and mooching.

Please don’t judge all Muslims by those in the Middle East. Muslims living here legally, or born here as Americans, want a normal life to practice freedom of religion. It’s no different than your right to practice your religion.

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