The Vent for Tuesday

Political candidates underestimate how much the public hates their robo-calls.

Seriously, does anybody listen to the political robo calls? Make them stop!!!!

As a lifelong conservative of 78 years, I am appalled at the way politicians have been allowed to define a conservative as a mean spirited person that cannot get along with anyone that is not exactly like them.

Worry about the girls in Nigeria after we worry about the Vets in America.

I just watched the senate candidates so called TV debate. Are they really that ignorant or do they just hope the voters are?

You would think if you pay $4.26 for a hamburger it would at least be hot.

Simply an OUTRAGE that the head of Emory Healthcare brings home over $3 MILLION yearly. Obscene, it is.

When workmen in your home ask to use the bathroom, make sure you clear out the medicine cabinet before they do. I'm missing a full bottle of prescription pain killers, and since two companies were in my house at the same time, I don't know which one is feeling no pain!

You don't have to hope karma catches up with the bad guys. Karma ALWAYS catches up with the bad guy, but on God's time not ours.

By the time the average person realizes we need to take America back it will be in such a shape nobody in their right mind would want it!

Why do people still play their loud booming radios in our subdivisions late at night? Why aren't those things outlawed?

Just because a CEO may hire employees doesn't mean that they should be drastically overpaid.

Crazy will never make sense.

Remember, you don't have to vote in every race. For those races that you don't know or care much about, just leave them blank!

After reviewing all of the candidates who I am allowed to vote for this election I have decided to write in my name for all elected positions.

No, I'm not surprised that someone would lie about the car they are trying to sell. The point I was trying to make was that it was sad, and I get out plenty, thank you!

I am tallying the number of robo calls that I receive and the candidate that calls the LEAST gets my vote!

Some of us remember when Karen Handel was running for governor against Nathan Deal, and they got in a very public contest about which one hated gay people more. Now, Rep. Gingrey wants to be the chief hater.

Teaching Latin in our schools to help students learn about our past civilizations and improve the SAT scores is fine, but as a society we would get a lot more bang for the buck if sociology was taught in high school. Understanding cultures, race and prejudice would be almost invaluable.

I am wondering about the charter schools. It is as if the parents that really want private school but don't want to pay for it are wanting this. Why is this allowed to happen? Now funds that would be going to public education are now going to semi-private schools.