The Vent for Tuesday

Ideologically, I agree with one political party more than the other, but truthfully I think that they’re both groups of criminals.

Again, if you think it was only ONE of the political parties that created this mess you are too stupid to vote.

So freedom of speech actually means “I have the right to say anything I want to unless it offends someone, then I lose that freedom”?

This was my first Mothers’ Day without her. I miss her!

Just saw a report on Congressional PACs. Our national politicians are giving thieves and the mafia a bad name.

Wow! Kevin Durant’s MVP speech directed towards his Mom was the classiest thing I’ve seen come out of the NBA in years!

If you drive without lights in the rain it's just a matter of time.

Dear busy-body meddlers at work: Maybe if you actually did something productive at your desk, you’d get some respect. You act like toddlers on a playground.

Social Security and Medicare work for me.

What is wrong with residents of DeKalb County? Do they not think enough of themselves or their property to properly dispose of trash or pick up after their guests! I’m sick of picking up trash and cans in the gutter in front of my house and in my front yard!

My son saw a typewriter for the first time. He got a kick out of those “sticks” that put a letter on the paper. Oh, and it prints your documents automatically!

Tried 511 on the GDOT site. What a useless waste of money. Nothing was updated and I sat in traffic on I-20 in Newton County Sunday after I had read that nothing was occurring at that location. Your tax dollars at work again!

Why, Toaster Strudel, why? You remain frozen inside until the outside is charred every time. Then your inside is hot enough to melt asphalt. I give up.

Since you do not understand economics and why the recession has lingered, your company would do itself a favor by showing you the door.

Remember, NOTHING is ever as it seems!

I wish Aldi would take credit cards. I don’t like using my debit card to make purchases any more since there is so much fraud these days and I only carry a small amount of cash because I don’t want someone hitting me in the head for my $5.

I’m pretty sure that Pope Francis is not talking about docking your pay to give it to someone less fortunate. What he is talking about the huge amount of money that is concentrated in the hands of such a small amount of super rich people, while so many are starving.

Sounds like a disgruntled feminist sent the vent about all religious organizations fearing educated women. It’s a shame you don’t seem to have had a true understanding of any religion.

I don’t know who I will vote for yet, but they will believe in equal pay for women and they will believe in science. I’m sure there are people from all political parties who can agree on those non-partisan things.

Hello! Snakes in church! You are obviously not from the rural South. It’s an old tradition. Singing, dancing and passing a few snakes around!

Counting down the days to retirement so I can leave this pathetic, backward state of Georgia! Goodbye, hateful people!

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