The Vent for Thursday

If ever there was a time for Fair Tax it is now.

What's more predictable? Sun rising in the east or getting an Adobe update every other day?

Just read about the more than 1,800 court cases thrown out because of the officers not showing up. Is anybody is local government accountable for their actions, and does anything ever happen to them?

New tests, new way to grade tests, it's all a bunch of excuses. The SAT or ACT tells the story and the systems can't cheat. That should be the judge.

One-step-at-a-time: The government is NEVER satisfied: "Feds want tougher drunken driving threshold" Is there a problem with the current threshold? NO! but, watch out … soon, they will want the threshold to be ZERO.

Gosh, it must be terrible to be on the wrong side of every issue AND get voted to the bottom of the Vent every day.

Know how to tell if an elected official or a government employee is lying -- the mouth is moving. I learned this in grade school.

IRS = Intimidate Republicans Service.

Can we get Gov. Deal on Truth or DARE?

The TV show "Mystery Diners" is a farce. None of the employees are fired after disobeying company policy.

Before you get anything in a wad, remember that Nixon had staff members of "The Smothers Brothers" audited decades ago. It's totally wrong, but nothing new.

"Paying farmers not to farm" has done more to keep a steady, affordable food supply in this country than anything done by government or private industry. Key terms for you to learn and understand: Dust Bowl, erosion, depression, Okies, land bank.

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