The Vent for Thursday

Social Security going to dead people; IRS not collecting taxes due; student loan defaults; Medicare/Medicaid fraud and you want the government to run our healthcare?

I do my best proofreading right after I hit send.

Kasim Reed said we are safer today than we were 40 years ago. If you lived here 40 years ago, you know that's a big "Pants on Fire."

According to 60 Minutes, almost half of the people paid $135 billion last year on Social Security Disability did not qualify. Obviously somebody is looking the other way.

Did I miss something? Is it no longer true that anyone and everyone has access to the Internet at the public library? That's how I did most of my research for college.

Glad they lowered the speed on 285 to 65 mph… those trucks going 85 were scary.

We need to vote more and vent more.

Now Apple and others are going to give us Freeware. Yeah, it's like those "free" printers that come with computers and the ink costs a fortune.

How many malls does Alpharetta need?! Every open space can't be a mall!!

HOT lanes are morally wrong. How can we punish people who can not afford the HOT lane fee?

I don't believe you love your exercise plan. Anything beyond "it's not so bad" has no credibility.

It's good you don't want free healthcare because you're not getting it. But you do have to help pay for my free healthcare.

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