The Vent for Sunday

I can't believe Congress has the nerve to grill anybody about job performance.

We need to control costs before trying to supply all with healthcare. There is no reason for a MRI to cost $3-3.5 K a pop. Helium is not that expensive.

Obamacare will destroy the Democratic party.

The Obamacare website is just the slightest harbinger of what it'll do to our healthcare. Got your cancellation notice yet?

The Vent has become too political. I miss the fun stuff like trashing celebrities, movie and TV show comments, etc.

To Roswell City Council members: We do not need any further development around GA 400 and Holcomb Bridge Rd.

With all the revelations about Obamacare, I'm wondering if Thursday was Halloween or April Fool's Day.

We all die regardless of the quality of our health insurance.

If you think Ted Cruz is different from any other politician think again. His wife is head of a division of Goldman Sachs.

If the only thing you have to offer are comments to criticize then you are part of the problem with our government. If you think you're so smart then offer solutions instead.Just because you believe in something or have an opinion on something does not mean you really understand it!

It's time for Clint Eastwood and all Republicans to leave the USA as promised before the election of Pres. Obama. That would MAKE MY DAY.

The true measure of a person's character is found in how they treat someone who has absolutely no value or worth to them.