The Vent for Sunday

Any ‘religion’ that can be interpreted to allow the sex slavery of children is not a religion. It’s a criminal enterprise.

I called a company the other day and got a “live” person at the main number. I was stunned. She just laughed and said everyone said that. WOW, what a difference it makes.

Please! The number one reason corporations exist, is to make money. Same as why we go to work, same as everyone else.

Hmmm. 300 girls at $12 each equals $3600. What if Reverend Al or Reverend Jesse (or any one of the thousands of people displaying their silly hashtag support comments) put up $5000 of their own money as offer to buy the girls’ freedom? Talk is cheap. And so are most of the talkers.

Election day please take out all the trash.

Yes, we care about the poor, we just don’t care about the entitled.

To find the person to fix all of your problems, look into a mirror!

Rich kid gets no time for killing someone because he suffers from too much money. Lady gets seven years for defending herself against a cop who bruises her. Welcome to Iran.

Hey venters! Investigate common core in our schools for yourselves. It has some real big negatives.

You get into wrecks because a) you’re not paying attention or b) you’re driving recklessly. Whichever you’re doing, please stop. There’s no reason for horrible rush hours like Thursday’s other than stupidity.

On behalf of devil worshipers, we refuse to associate with anyone of such low character as politicians.

One absolute in the climate change debate is that climate scientists grants go away if they don’t promote the idiocy of climate change.

So let me get this straight: you moved to one of the fastest growing counties in the country to get away from growth. Yup, real smart.

A scandal a day, wonder which government agency will be in the news tomorrow?

To whomever caused all those accidents Thursday, I hope you’re not injured, but I DO hope you have to pay through the nose, and that you learned your lesson.

The reason gasoline has gone up so quickly this year? The people who are responsible know that is the one thing we HAVE to have. You can do without milk and bread if you have to, but we have to have gas to get to work!