The Vent for Sunday

Cobb County school superintendent went home “mid-afternoon” while teachers and students were still in schools. He needs to be on the first bus back to Texas.

Lots of heroes out there.

If they had closed schools Monday night, and only a few flakes had fallen as forecast, people would be moaning about how the authorities overreacted for no reason.

Atlanta is never ready for ice and snow! So what made you think it was this time? If you got caught driving home, why did you wait so late -why did you send your children to school? Grow up be respondsible for your poor decisions!

The blame game makes me sick!

I like all the kitschy names for the storm, but thus far my favorite is ClusterFlake

Dude where’s my car?

I completely understand the mail not coming Tuesday or Wednesday, but what’s up Thursday? I guess that “neither rain nor snow” business is long gone.

I well remember being broad-sided by a motor coach on J-C Blvd. when my employer held us way too late during showjam 1982. We didn’t learn anything from that one, either, did we?

Hindsight is great! What would you have done differently?

There sure were a lot of 18 wheelers shown in the videos of the stuck traffic on the connector. I guess a lot of local deliveries were late on Tuesday.

Who knew there were a million cars and trucks in Atlanta to evacuate? Now we know. There are too many for our roads to handle except under normal conditions.