The Vent for Sunday

It was so cold here the other day I saw a boy walking down street with his pants pulled up.

Dennis Rodman, like a preschooler using off-color language, is just looking for attention. If we just ignore him, he'll probably stop.

Jay Carney at White House briefings has a tough job. How he can keep a straight face when answering questions regarding the President and this adminstration? I keep expecting for his nose to grow.

Public servants used their power to purposely ensnarl traffic. They should be fired along with those in the IRS.

So do the northern states vote Democrat because they live in bankrupt welfare states or are they living in broke welfare states because they vote Democrat?

Guns have only two enemies: rust and politicians.

It's cold and coyotes are hungry. Keep your cats and dogs indoors!

It's disturbing civilized human beings are entertained by movies like "The Wolf of Wall Street". A sad commentary on society.

In corporate America, disrupters and know nothings are promoted to upper management and the smart ones are laid off.

I don't care how true, or insightful your Vent is; if you make a spelling error, I vote it to the bottom.

Kevin and Kell was dropped from the AJC comics page. It was a humorous and thinly disguised metaphor for racial integration, tolerance, and acceptance.

Has poverty in the US been eradicated? The answer is no so why should we stop the war on poverty? Are you saying you'd rather cut and run like a coward?