The Vent for Saturday

How did illegal immigrants gain access to the National Mall for a rally if it was closed due to the shut down?

I'll bet my last dollar if Amazon or Google were running a national healthcare plan, they'd know how many people have signed up so far.

President Obama has become the biggest bully in the country. Would someone remind him America is not a dictatorship!

What bothers me most is all nuisance fees and taxes utility and cable companies tack onto our bills.

Don't be surprised the Obamacare signup website doesn't work. What has government ever run efficiently and at a reasonable price? Signup problems are an indicator of what it's going to be like-a big government mess!

Death benefits were delayed, not denied, but it's still revolting.

Once again this administration has shown where it stands with regard to our military…definitely within spitting distance.

Driving with fog lights on when it isn't foggy may help you see better, but it's frying my retinas. Please have some consideration for others.

We'll be more of a laughingstock to the world if we kick the debt ball yet another time.

If you know the exact date people crossed from Asia to Alaska, perhaps we could have a holiday for that event.

The Affordable Care Act does not pay for abortions, learn the facts before you vent.

The House controls spending. Why do people blame the Senate and the President for the deficit if the House can't even pass spending bills that don't require more debt?