The Vent for Saturday

Parents please stop allowing your children to run wild in department stores while you shop.

Funds used for the Trolly to nowhere should have been used to pave our city streets.I am tired of dodging potholes.

Save thousand if not millions of innocent lives - spay/neuter our companion animals so they will not be abused and killed in shelters and on the streets.

Hail, Hail to the Bully Beater! Politically correct or not, it worked! Oh, how I long for the good old days.

To the UGA players- real men don’t bark; or try to cash checks twice.

Attention developers! Underground Atlanta has failed, is failing, and will fail again because (listen closely) it is located immediately adjacent to Five Points Marta station.

The Fayette County Police were out ticketing speeders in front of the local school this afternoon. No sympathy for those who were caught.

Ahh, Spring…it’s been awhile, my friend. Welcome back!

I think the Police should get a stamp that spells “idiot” to put on the foreheads of some criminals.

Why don’t we all just acknowledge Putin’s long term goals and start calling him Czar Vladimir IV?

I know the difference between sexy and slutty. There is a time and place for both.

The snow storm task force is now begging for more money. Since DOT and GEMA didn’t use the personnel and resources already paid for during this winter’s fiasco, why should they be trusted with more?

In the news recently, confusion over two street’s names, 6 Flags Dr and 6 Flags Parkway. Seriously? There are at LEAST 25 streets with the word peach in it in Fulton County. Atlanta is a very silly city.

Those football players sure were dumb; so along with teaching them UGA football they must also do community service and take a long class in common sense!! But just ONE more chance is all they deserve. Oh, and not play in the first 4-6 games.

We can all rest a little easier now that the ‘T’ at GA Tech has been located

The next line in technology: Customer support that supports customers. Also, time travel and an app that decodes the opposite sex.

High schools recruit kids all the time. This is not a rare occurance.