The Vent for Saturday

If you are driving side by side with another car, and your lane has a sign saying 'right lane ends in 500 ft.' it is your responsibility to slow down and merge in.

If home schooling is brainwashing, I'd love to know what you think government schools do!

Why is the Georgia Lottery advetising to young adults and encouraging them to play saying win and payoff student loans?

I will never buy another product that is imported from another country. Oh wait, there goes my car, cellphone, food, computers, clothing, jewelry, American flags (true) and most other things we use every day. Guess I will just live off water.

I wish more people would actually see others as people, not stereotypes.

Chad Berry should be fired and never allowed to work in law enforcement again!!! A $325 fine and 10 days is not what he deserves. Anyone who loses focus can be harmful to people as well as dogs.

That Pussycat Putin might handle a Snowden type Russian a little differently.

If you start your car in a garage and run it for an hour, the poisons will kill you. Think of Earth's atmosphere as a bigger garage. If we don't change our habits, we're going to poison the planet to the point it's not going to be able to sustain life.

It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.



You can tell a big person by the way he treats a little person.



God has blessed America abundantly, but most people don't recognize this.