The Vent for Saturday

NYC, if you elect Andrew Weiner as your mayor, you lose all rights to say anything about a Southerner's intelligence!

President Obama, the election is over. Get to work, stop campaigning and do something to help the country.

Democrats say they want affordable health care but why have they consistently voted against allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines (like car insurance)? Competition would drive down prices.

VP Joe Biden is President Obama's insurance policy against impeachment.

Not every job needs to pay a "living wage"! Most 16 year olds working a McJob are not paying for food, clothing, and housing.

In my backyard the big mosquitos are using the really big mushrooms to build condos and duplexes.

Do a little research into the NY Health Exchange regarding sign ups and rates. This is the future of ObamaCare. The average monthly premium for an individual policy is $500 per month. What young person can afford that?

Women like Hillary Clinton and Humma Weiner give new interpretation to the tune Stand By Your Man.

You deserve a fine for not buying health insurance. Why do you think taxpayers should pay for you when you get injured or sick?

Turn on the news and I hear a verse from this Bee Gee's tune: The world has lost its glory. Let's start a brand new story.

No Tiger vents today?? Surely pigs can fly!

Stop worrying about the fine for not buying health insurance. It is a mere penance and there's no punishment if you don't pay it.