The Vent for Monday

Fred Phelps' family asking for people to respect their privacy has to be the greatest demonstration of hypocrisy so far this century.

The worst part of the legislature refusing to help children was the senator who said it was going nowhere unless her special interest was attached. Shame on her.

How about a million veterans and a million gay people go to Fred Phelps funeral and sing "God Bless America" and other patriotic songs until the grave is filled with dirt.

Don't you just love those obnoxious parents that boldly demand the very best for their children while in public. But don't do squat for their kids at home.

SPECULATION, SPECULATION, SPECULATION!! Enough! Just tell me when they find it!

With all the movie special effects, can't they create a rental movie with the dialogue louder than the music?

I am always amused when someone complains about getting a ticket for going over the speed limit. There is only one sure way to avoid speeding tickets.

Grady High school football program just got caught…it's been happening all the area for years people using other people's address in order for their child/children to play sports, band, cheerleaders, etc. Nothing new under the SUN.

Arthur Blank should take Lewis Grizzard's advice and just have sex with that woman then buy her a house.

Read the Patriot Riders response to Fred Phelps dying…very, very classy. I love this group of people !

Next year, I'm picking University of Phoenix to take it all the way.

Just think how much money Grady High School, Inman Middle School and all the churches/schools near Piedmont Park are losing out on every weekend? If they numbered their parking spaces and put in a parking meter they could rake it in all these sunny weekends. Instead their empty parking lots just sitting there.

Mercer Baptist College still believes in dunking, but now you don't get wet.

No one wants to be middle-class anymore. That's sad!

I watch any game that has less than a 10 point split with 3 minutes to go. Man have I been busy.

I got my Humana healthcare cards under the Affordable care act…super fast, great insurance, great deal! Don't talk bad about what you don't know!

"Because it still runs" is no excuse for driving a gas-guzzling, air-polluting 'road monster,' especially when you're rich politician.

So who is the real BULLY when any person beats another person. Sorry, that is NOT THE ANSWER!

Marijuana does not need to be legalized in any way, shape, or form.