The Vent for Monday

If parents would quietly remove their crying, screaming or unruly kids, people would not resent their presence so strongly. Children will be children, but parents should know better.

Once upon a time families took care of each other, now many people are content to let "Big Brother" take care of their every need. What happens when the non-workers are more numerous than the workers? The fall of the U.S. empire.

I no longer fear walking in dangerous neighborhoods. Since any potential perpetrator will be wearing saggy pants and having one hand occupied by a cell phone and the holding his crotch, I know I can get away.

The Fulton County tax commissioner sounds so unethical that I wonder why DeKalb hasn't tried to lure him away.

Help me understand, why do I see so many people holding their cell phone in front of their mouth to speak, and then moving it to their ear to listen? You DO know you can just hold it to your ear and do both, right?

While I agree that it takes a village to raise a child, what it really takes is committed parents. 11Alive's commercial with Joseph Lowery is nice, but I sure wish Lowery and others would acknowledge that.

If you don't know your facts, just don't vent.

Please don't write a check in the express checkout. Please.

Your elected representatives at all levels don't care what you want because they are so much smarter than us.

Why is stump removal in Atlanta non-existent? The city cuts down trees on their property that are dead or dying to prevent damage, injury and lawsuits but never come back and finish the job. These exposed stumps are just lawsuits waiting to be paid. Common sense would dictate that the cost to remove the stumps would easily be millions of dollars less than any law suit.