The Vent for Friday

So the wedding of the year is a woman made famous by a sex tape and the father of her illegitimate child. What happened to our culture?

Maybe you can stay on your side of the road if you take that phone out of your ear and DRIVE PROPERLY!

Are there really any people who think the Veterans Administration is the only branch of the government that is filled with employees dedicated to doing what is best for themselves rather than doing what is best for the people they are supposed to be serving?

To the two women who panhandled me for money this morning so you could eat: I might have gone along if you both weren’t talking on your cellphones.

One of the VA whistleblowers was demoted and urged to quit. How does the government get away with this? Private firm CEOs would be going to jail.

No more robo calls.

Today is a very sad day for Emerson, Georgia. We just had the first traffic light installed in our town.

Why is science a liberal idea? Facts don’t care about politics. Rational minds don’t deny science.

I’m glad this round of elections has come to an end.

If you use a phone service that “charges by number of calls/minutes” and plan on suing… Well, frankly, I wonder about your “legal team.”

Speed limit signs are there to inform drivers of the limitation on speed of motor vehicles. If you go faster than that, you won’t (or shouldn’t) be too surprised if you receive a ticket.

I guess you can go home now, Phil.

I am not as popular as I was before the election. My phone rang all the time. Now that the election is over, it has stopped ringing.

Vote in every race you can reasonably research, but don’t just refuse to TRY to research the candidates.

Thank you, Paris Gray. Not only did you give me a great laugh, but you will probably get more students to look at the periodic table than all the science teachers in Georgia!

Tell your friends from New Mexico that it is no different than living in Albuquerque.

Attention, Perimeter drivers: There is a DIFFERENCE between the speed limit and the highway number!

I love you all, even though you’re freakin’ morons.

You claim the Earth has been naturally warming and cooling for millions of years, but last Sunday you told me the Earth is only 6,000 years old!

I guess the venter who doesn’t think wind power is cost effective has traveled much.

I love the venter complaining that wind power isn’t cost efficient. Go ahead -- name something that is, besides solar.

Another day, another shooting. I guess the Georgia General Assembly will decide that we don’t have enough guns in circulation.

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