The Vent for Friday

Could someone please tell me why the Government gives away cell phones? Talk about abuse…

If the DeKalb school system found $21 million they didn't know they had, at least one accountant or bookkeeper should be let go.

So long, Cleta! Maybe now we can get Council representation which isn't a self-serving, proven slumlord and now DUI offender.

Nobody wants to work for anything anymore. It's easier when someone gives it to you.

Your stock portfolio is up because it's the only alternative to the tenth of one percent you can get on a savings account.

I would like to see some VENTERS get as upset for the BANKERS who have not been held accountable for the economic meltdown. (Hint- it is still going on in GA!)

I am beginning to better understand the French Revolution and chopping off heads the older I grow. Chop-Chop

So much for ethics reform in Georgia. Maybe in another 50 years.

In the DeKalb Co. school system, we say thank God for Clayton Co. and the City of Atlanta schools.

Not a whimper from any of the Grover Norquist no-tax signers concerning the Internet sales tax. This record keeping will crush small Internet businesses, the primary producer of jobs, right guys? Can you say Republican Governors?

Have any of you tried to fill in an application for a job lately? Online? When most of the online form is NOT working? Wonder why some people are getting tired of being told that they are lazy?

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