The Vent for Friday

I LOVE watching the old Westerns! There are clear-cut good guys and bad guys. Give me John Wayne or Gary Cooper any day!

We’re not at the mercy of Middle East sheiks, we’re at the mercy of Wall Street speculators.

The IRS commissioner says no emails have been lost since the investigation started. Is that the same as saying no horses have escaped from the barn since we started keeping the doors closed?

Please insist that the politicians in Washington are called into account for the many scandals and also make sure they are dealt with by a totally independent law firm.

There have to be stiffer fines for people caught texting while driving. First fine should be $500. Then next fine should be $1,000. That will keep them in check.

Some things are worth the ride to Alabama — my grandchildren live there.

How do you leave two teens over the weekend in a police holding cell without food or light?

We bought our home fairly close to work (15 minutes) but, because of downsizing, our new commute is close to an hour. Believe me, it wasn’t our wish to drive that far.

Why the superior attitude on Alabama? Don’t get out of your gated community much, I guess.

People shouldn’t be allowed to attend college until they’re 25. They should work until then and they would be more mature when they did go to college.

There is absolutely no excuse for prisoners escaping from jails or prisons.

I don’t think most employers are impressed by online degrees. I think most would choose a candidate with a degree from an actual university over online.

If the CSX train in the radio commercial can go 450 miles on a single gallon of gas, then how come my car only gets 30 mpg?

If the death of the baby in the hot car was accidental negligence, the requirements that a child be placed in a rear seat, facing backward must be contributing factors.

Part of being an American is that you may call yourself whatever you want, regardless of whether someone else believes in it or not.

For those football players hating on soccer, man up and play rugby.

Rugby is so much more exciting to watch and play than soccer.

How dare you disparage Alabama with your remarks!

The political ads' attempts backfire in some instances. I just don’t vote anymore in response to them.

I’m overweight and I like having the armrest down. Guess your passive aggression doesn’t work on everyone.

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