Q&A on the news

Q: Does the Georgia Lottery have to pay for the time used on TV to announce the winning numbers each day?

— John B. Womack, Oxford

A: Georgia Lottery Corp. does not pay for television time to broadcast drawings. In addition to televised drawings, Georgia Lottery winning numbers are available online at www.galottery.com, via e-mail (for those who join the Players Club on the Georgia Lottery’s Web site), by calling 770-425-8259 (metro Atlanta), in newspapers and other media outlets, and at more than 8,000 retail locations around the state.

Q: Is it proper to place your hand over your heart when saying the pledge to our Georgia state flag?

— Linda Robinson, Fayetteville

A: There is no protocol for how to stand or show respect when reciting the pledge to the Georgia flag, according to officials with the state and Georgia National Guard. Charlene Anderson, protocol officer for the Georgia National Guard, said although there is nothing in writing to her knowledge about whether or not people should place a hand over their heart while saying the pledge to the state flag, it would be a proper and acceptable show of respect to do so. The pledge to the Georgia state flag is: “I pledge allegiance to the Georgia flag and to the principles for which it stands; wisdom, justice and moderation.”

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