Q&A on the News

Q: What is the median construction on I-75, just north of Barrett Parkway?

-- Joe Dodge, Acworth

A: This is construction of the Big Shanty Connector, a new underpass on I-75 between Barrett Parkway and Chastain Road. It will connect George Busbee Parkway to Barrett Lakes Boulevard on the other side of the interstate, Mark D. McKinnon, a spokesman for the Georgia Department of Transportation, told Q&A on the News. The project began in February. The contractor recently cleared the median so that traffic could be shifted there while the new bridges are built on the interstate, he said. That shift took place during the first week of July. Once the bridges are built, traffic will be shifted back over the new roadway (Big Shanty Connector). The cost of the project is almost $8.1 million, and the DOT has scheduled it for completion by April 30, 2012.

Q: The AJC reported last month that a “large amount of unknown chemicals, both in liquid and powder form” was found on the front porch of a home on Ridgeland Avenue in Decatur. Were these substances ever identified?

-- Mariah Klein, Decatur

A: There is reason to believe that the chemicals were the precursors for Ecstasy, but Decatur Police are still waiting for that to be confirmed in a report from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Deputy Chief Keith Lee told Q&A on the News. He added that the man was charged with possession of cocaine.

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