Q&A on the News

Q: Regarding the lady on the school bus being taunted by young boys, what was she doing on the bus or what was she supposed to be doing?

— Jim Miller, Hoschton

A: A bus monitor in the Greece (N.Y.) Central School District is tasked with several duties, according to the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle. They include:

  • Maintain order on buses.
  • Enforce district policy governing student behavior while the bus is in operation.

  • Report instances of "continuing disruptive student behavior" verbally and in writing.

Karen H. Klein, a 68-year-old grandmother from Rochester, N.Y., drove a bus for 20 years before moving into the role as bus monitor three years ago. A 10-minute cellphone video of her enduring profane taunting from four 13-year-old seventh-graders went viral. She didn't report the behavior, and school officials learned of it after the video was posted online. Klein, who said she will not press charges, has done several national TV interviews and received more than $650,000 in donations contributed to indiegogo.com, which a Toronto man set up to raise money to send her on a vacation.

Q: What is the Major League record for the most home runs in a game by both teams?

— Bob Brooks, Jasper

A: Twelve, and it's happened twice. Coincidentally, the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers combined to set the record on May 28, 1995, and then tied the record on July 2, 2002. Detroit hit seven and Chicago hit five in the 1995 game, and the teams hit six each in the 2002 game.

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