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Q: What organization granted Eddie Long the status of bishop?

-- Kenneth Neely, Jonesboro

A: Long was consecrated as a bishop under Bishop Paul S. Morton of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship (the international headquarters is based in Atlanta) in 1994, Art Franklin, spokesman for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, said in an e-mail. The church's website providers further explanation: "The title 'Bishop' means to oversee; it is used several times in the Bible. A Bishop is one who holds a position of authority. 'Bishop' comes from the Greek word 'episkopos,' which is translated as bishop, overseer and superintendent. A Pastor is one who cares for the flock, a shepherd. Jesus refers to us as His sheep. Bishop Long oversees not only this location but also many." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported that the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship is an organization formed by younger black ministers eager to create more-contemporary churches. Its first conference in 1994 attracted more than 20,000 believers.

Q: In the AJC on Sept. 30, Page A17, a union supporter is identified as a United Airlines employee in the Delta/Northwest union vote. Can the airlines bring in employees from other airlines to demonstrate in their favor? Is that a paid expense for them to solicit that kind of thing?

-- Ric Lowry, Atlanta

A: The Association of Flight Attendants represents flight attendants at 22 carriers, and the union's members "often support AFA activities around the country," spokeswoman Corey Caldwell wrote in an e-mail to the AJC. She said AFA members from other carriers choose to attend local events. "They are eager and enthusiastic to show their support of Delta flight attendants. Because our members live across the country, it's common to have AFAers attend events that are not specifically related to their carrier," she wrote.

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