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Q: Some time ago, Georgia passed a law making it illegal to text while driving, yet I see it all the time. Has anyone been arrested or ticketed for texting while driving?

-- Bill Rowe, Atlanta

A: The laws took affect July 1, 2010. As of mid-December, there had been 23 convictions for teens who have violated Georgia Code 40-6-241.1, which prohibits people under the age of 18 from "wireless communications" (cell phone conversations, texting, sending or reading emails, etc.) while operating a motor vehicle, according to Susan Sports, a spokeswoman with the Department of Driver Services. There had been 557 convictions for adults who violated Georgia Code 40-6-241.2, which prohibits people 18 years old or older from "writing, sending or reading text based communication" while operating a motor vehicle.

Q: I am wondering about the most published picture of Trayvon Martin. What age is he in that picture?

-- Martha Hunt, Hoschton

A: The most publicized photo of Martin was taken "a few years ago," according to the Associated Press. The photo, which was released by his family, "shows a smiling, round-cheeked youngster in a red T-shirt," the AP reported. At the time of his death, Martin was 17 years old, about 6 feet tall and about 140 pounds, according to the AP. The news service also reported that a more recent photo of Martin depicts him displaying gold teeth and wearing a white sleeveless underwear-style T-shirt.

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