Q&A on the News

Q: What is the “silk sheets” route of metro Atlanta?

-- Bonnie Green, Atlanta

A: The "silk sheets" is a general description of several bike riding routes in south Fulton County, said Byron Rushing, state bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for the Georgia Department of Transportation. The south Fulton routes earned the moniker because the routes are "as smooth as riding on a silk sheet," Rushing said. Riding the rural routes, with their rolling hills and smooth pavement, has been a tradition among cyclists. "It is really astoundingly rural back there to be within 10 minutes of the airport and Fulton Industrial [Boulevard]," he said. One of the most popular routes starts at Fulton Industrial, continuing southwest down to Campbellton Redwine Road. Cyclists generally ride southwest and then loop back around east toward Palmetto and come back up Cochran Mill Road, he said. The South Fulton Scenic Byway, a historic preservation designation for a 29-mile loop with pastures, farmhouses, historic communities and parks, falls along some of the "silk sheets" routes.

Q: I have heard that the new health care law eliminates policy maximum (payouts). Does this law also apply to dental coverage?

-- Steve Jordan, Roswell

A: It appears that this portion of the law does not apply to stand-alone dental insurance, said William S. Custer, director of the Center for Health Services Research at Georgia State University.

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