Tethering of dogs in Cobb almost banned

Dogs now mostly have relief from tethering in Cobb County.

A third public hearing and 5-0 vote occurred Tuesday by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners on changing the county code for dog tethering.

Tether means “any chain, rope, leash, tie out or wire designed to restrain an animal which is attached to an animal’s collar or halter and is also attached to a stationary object,” according to Section 10-1 of the county code.

“The dog may be temporarily confined by a tether while attended by its owner,” according to the new code.

While most speakers expressed approval of the change, a few said they favored temporary outdoor tethering but without an owner being present such as in cases when the owner may be housecleaning.

Noting the code change is meant for extreme circumstances, Tim Smith said, “Who is going to call Animal Control on you if you’re cleaning?”

Mary Kuykendall said the next step should be adoption of stringent codes on shelter requirements.

Thanking the commissioners for this change, Andrea Miller of Cobb County Animal Alliance said, “Legal cruelty was happening daily to canines who were living in a daily hell.”