Teen heartbroken after urn with father’s ashes stolen

A Gwinnett County teenager whose father died in November is begging the people who stole his urn to bring it back.

Ariana Kimbrough told Channel 2 Action News her car was filled with clothes, purses, shoes and everything she was moving into her new home — including the urn with Shannon Kimbrough’s ashes — when it was stolen.

An urn carrying the ashes of Ariana Kimbrough's father, Shannon, was stolen in Gwinnett County. (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

That was two weeks ago. Police have since recovered the car, but everything inside was gone, Channel 2 reported. 

“I don't care about anything else,” Kimbrough told the news station. “I didn't even care about my car at the moment. I just cared about my dad's ashes and getting his urn back and everything else.”

Investigators say they don’t have any leads or suspects. The stolen items are worth more than $1,000. 

But the 16-year-old would be happy just to have his urn back.

“It means everything to me,” Kimbrough said. “Every morning when I would wake up, I would look at his urn just to tell him I love him.”

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