Item: Decatur (DeKalb)

A reader sent us a litany of roads for fixing.

“DeKalb County needs to fix numerous potholes on Birch Road, Sweetbriar Road and Mistletoe Road, which are off North Druid Hills Road. Additionally, there is a huge pothole in the right-hand lane on North Druid Hills Road and on the hill/bridge over rail tracks and heading toward Clairmont Road,” wrote Anne Palmer.

Palmer suggested the county hire a full-time employee or use a current employee to ride all the roads between Lawrenceville Highway and Briarcliff Road so that potholes can be discovered and repaired in a prompt manner.

“Many thanks for your great job in making roads safer,” she added.

We sent her concerns to DeKalb County and will keep you updated.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s looking into it: Communications Manager Andrew Cauthen, acauthen@dekalbcountyga.gov

Update: Senoia (Coweta)

In November, we told you about an upset resident in Coweta County. At the end of the year, officials placed signs at the intersection of Ga. Highway 16 and Pylant Street in Senoia. The concerned commuter asked what kind of construction was going on at the intersection and when the project would be finished.

The project, funded by the city and the state, would correct the 38-degree angle intersection with the highway to a 90-degree angle. In their report, DOT officials said the project would also enhance pedestrian activity by the installation of a sidewalk along Pylant Street and provide a pedestrian connection to the city’s park trailhead.

City officials said last week the project would finish early next year after receiving a request from the construction company to add days to the contract for rain days.

Days on the list: 180

Who’s looking into it: Senoia City Manager Harold Simmons, hsimmons@senoia.com