Take to task for Oct. 12


In late September, we told you about issues a reader had with a busy area of Virginia-Highlands.

“At the intersection of Park Drive and Virginia Avenue there is broken asphalt in the center of this intersection. About 40 feet north on Park Drive are two metal plates all the way across entire road,” he wrote.

We heard back from the city.

“Road repairs were scheduled to take place on Sept. 25, but were delayed when a contractor for another utility hit a water main at the intersection of Park Drive and Virginia Avenue. The water main repair was completed on Friday evening, and service has been restored. Street restoration work for both locations along Park Drive have been rescheduled and any metal plates in the roadway will be removed,” wrote one of the city’s press information officers Christina Cruz -Benton.

Days on list-7

Who got it fixed: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza, 404-330-6240, rmendoza@atlantaga.gov

New item…and fixed!-DeKalb County

A reader is fed up with potholes.

“I have called the DeKalb County Pothole hotline at least 10 times this summer. No results. These are at 3403 Rockbridge Road between Clarendon and Northern. There are many others in this one mile stretch,” the reader wrote.

We sent the item to the county and learned the potholes had been fixed.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: DeKalb County Chief Communications Officer Burke Brennan, bbrennan@dekalbcountyga.gov

Update- DOT

In September we told you about David Lash’s problem with a busy intersection.

“Something must have recently happened to the traffic light timing at the intersection of Interstate 85 and Clairmont Road in DeKalb County. I use this exit every day around 4:15-4:30 p.m. having driven northbound on I-85 and then turning right on Clairmont. Prior to a few months ago, I would usually stop at the light to turn right onto Clairmont, and there are usually about 7 or 8 cars lined up with the right turn lane usually able to keep moving and merging onto Clairmont,” he wrote.

We heard back from the DOT.

“The Georgia DOT Regional Traffic Operations Program team has reviewed the operations of the intersections along this section of Clairmont Road (Clairmont Road at I-85 ramps and Briarcliff Road). We have confirmed that all intersection hardware is functioning properly and that there have been no signal timing changes at any of these intersections in the past month. We have noticed an increase in traffic, some of which is certainly due to the returning of school traffic. We are actively working to develop new timing and operational strategies to mitigate some of this demand,” wrote communications officer Annalysce Baker-Wilson.

Days on list: 7

Who’s looking into it: Natalie Dale, Georgia Department of ‍Transportation, ndale@dot.ga.gov .