Take to task for Dec. 1

What’s broken near you?We want tips from across metro Atlanta. Call us at 404-526-2546 or e-mail us at fixit@ajc.com.

New item-Atlanta

Jane Sarak hopes a water leak can be fixed.

“For several months water has been running down the middle of West Pine Valley Road just south of its intersection with Arden Roadd in 30305. It appears that there is a burst water line beneath the road surface. The entire road, which only goes from Arden down to Argonne is in very bad shape. The occasional patches begin to break down almost immediately,” she wrote.

We sent the item to the city and will keep you updated.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: Department of Watershed Management department director of communications and community relations Scheree Rawles, SCRawles@AtlantaGa.Gov.

New item-DeKalb County

Ned Brooks hopes something can be done about an unusual turn lane. “Drivers going east on North Decatur Road find a fake right turn lane at DeKalb Industrial Blvd and many of them seem to find this too confusing so that they jam up jockeying for position in the right-hand lane. There appears to be a dedicated right-turn lane, but there is not - it ends three car lengths short of the intersection,” he wrote.

He added the street was just repaved and the lane lines repainted to preserve this lunacy. “I encounter this several days a week on my way to the Last Chance Thrift Store further east on North Decatur Road,” Brooks wrote.

We sent his item to the county and will let you know what happens.

Days on list-6 Who’s looking into it, county spokesperson Burke Brennan, bbrennan@dekalbcountyga.gov

New item-Dunwoody

Periodically, we receive information from government officials providing updates on ongoing projects. We recently received one from the city of Dunwoody on one of its projects.

“City crews completed a number of critical pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Winters Chapel and Peeler Road. The new improvements include new sidewalk, pedestrian crosswalks, new push-button pedestrian signals, and ADA curb ramps. These improvements will provide needed safety upgrades and make the intersection fully accessible for all pedestrians including those with disabilities,” wrote the city’s public relations director Bob Mullen.

Mullen also said the city’s contractor also began work on new sidewalks along the west side of Roberts Drive, stretching from the northern city limit to Aurora Court.

“The sidewalk project is included on the city’s prioritized sidewalk project list and will provide a walking route to Austin Elementary School for the houses and neighborhoods on the west side of Roberts Drive. Work is expected to continue through December and the sidewalk is expected to be completed before the end of the year,” he added.