Swastika drawn on football field at Gwinnett high school

Credit: David Barnes

Credit: David Barnes

Information from parents and students led officials at Grayson High School to catch a student who drew a swastika in the dew on the school’s football field earlier this week.

Officials at Grayson received a photo from a concerned parent that showed the swastika, which seemed to have been made by someone dragging their feet through the dew. Sloan Roach, a spokeswoman with Gwinnett County Public Schools said an investigation into the drawing began immediately, but by late Tuesday morning, the drawing had evaporated.

On Friday, Grayson’s principal Dana L. Pugh sent a letter to parents and spoke to students at the school. Shortly after, additional information from parents and students — and another photo of the swastika on the field with people in the photo — led officials at the school to identify the person responsible for it.

Before the person responsible for the swastika was caught, Pugh condemned the act and called the swastika a “hateful image” in a letter to parents.

“This symbol and the bigotry, hatred, and terror associated with it is not welcome at Grayson High School,” Pugh said.

Grayson’s football team will host Hoover — a team from Alabama — Friday night at 7 p.m. in Grayson Community Stadium, which seats a little more than 8,000 people.

Officials at Grayson High School are continuing their investigation, which includes talking with other students who were in the area, to see if anyone else was involved in drawing the swastika.

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