South Fulton tasks group of residents with renaming the young city

The South Fulton City Council has named most of the people tasked with renaming the city.

The city of 100,000 residents decided earlier this month to form a committee that will chose five new names that could end up on a ballot during the 2020 presidential election.

The members are: Linda Pritchett, Lynette Kamar, Alma Hill, Anthony Fulton, Michael McCoy, Kangelon Dexter. D.C. Lott, Steven Kirks and Cynthia Ross.

The seven council members were each supposed to bring two names, making 14 in total, to a Tuesday meeting but some did not submit names like they were asked.

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The city tried this re-branding at the end of 2017, a few months after incorporating. The City Council chose the name "Renaissance" but was vetoed by Mayor Bill Edwards.

He argued there were bigger things to worry about while forming a government, and he still feels that way, but the city is moving forward with renaming.

Councilwoman Helen Willis, who in part brought forward the effort to create the committee, said this is about clearly separating South Fulton from the several other cities that make up southern Fulton County.

Willis responded to a couple comments from the public at the Tuesday meeting that renaming the city would be a waste of money.

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She said the bill for a name change wouldn’t come for a couple budget cycles, giving the city time to prepare for the cost.

The more signs they print with the old name, she said, they more there is to change.

“The longer we wait to do this, the more it will cost us,” Willis said.

She said past attempts to rename the city were not inclusive enough, but she said that will be different this time.

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Willis told the crowd that the reason is simple: “We want our own identity.”

That was met by immediate cries from the packed audience, including one person saying: “We already have one!”

The committee is expected to present the names by the end of the year.

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