Snellville forms ‘Tactical Urbanism Program’

Snellville recently announced the formation of a ‘Tactical Urbanism Program,’ an effort to get residents and business owners more involved with city planning. Common examples of tactical urbanism projects include public art, bike lanes, crosswalks and street furniture.

Snellville’s program is modeled after a similar one in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The hope is that the program will be community-led, with residents and business owners in the city coming forward to propose projects they feel are necessary and important to the community. The city’s Planning Department will advise and guide the process, but the initiative to create and follow through on an idea begins with residents.

In addition, anyone wishing to create their own project can also apply for a small grant through the city’s Downtown Development Authority, Development Authority, or Urban Redevelopment Agency of Snellville to help pay for project materials.

City Planner Austin Shelton said, “The city’s hope is that this program will allow applicants to showcase how small changes to the built environment can have a big impact on the health, safety and beauty of their community.”

Information and to apply to start a project: Questions: Shelton at