Smyrna to get $300,000 federal grant for transit study

A $300,000 federal grant will help Smyrna conduct a transit study.

The Federal Highway Administration Federal Aid Grant through the FHWA Surface Transportation Block Grant Program was accepted by the Smyrna City Council on Feb. 18.

In April 2019, city officials will choose a consultant to conduct the Smyrna Transit Analysis and Feasibility Study, with review of the consultant contract by both the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Smyrna Mayor and City Council.

Once the contract is approved and a Notice to Proceed is issued, the consultant will begin the study process which should take about nine to 12 months to complete but no later than June 30, 2020 - with at least four public events to be held before then.

The financial impact to the city will be an estimated $70,000 but no more than $100,000.

Study goals are:

  • "Use transit as a tool to achieve the sustainability, growth management, economic development and traffic mitigation goals" of Smyrna, Cobb County, the ARC and neighboring jurisdictions.
  • "Create livable communities, neighborhoods and corridors where various modes create connections that facilitate a seamless integration of the pedestrian, bicycle and transit networks."
  • "Balance system implementation with fiscal, operational and policy constraints."
  • Make "riding transit easier and more desirable."
  • Create a transportation system responsive to the needs of those for whom transit is a necessity such as youths, senior citizens, people with disabilities and low-income individuals.

No information about the study results can be released to the public without approval of the Atlanta Regional Commission, according to the sub-grant agreement approved by the City Council.