'Shark Tank' visits the Fox Theatre

Nearly a thousand people think they have the next big idea, and Sunday they had the chance to pitch their product at auditions for the Emmy-nominated series “Shark Tank” held in midtown.

The sidewalk was filled with dreamers and entrepreneurs sharing what they think will be the next big thing at an open audition for ABC’s reality show at the Fox Theatre.

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“I’ve been working on this product for two years.  It's finally perfect!,” said Mounir Boukli.

Boukli was eager to present his pitch to potential investors, also known as "sharks."  He was first in line.

“I've been here since probably 3 p.m. yesterday and the line started at 11 p.m. last night,” he said.

Channel 2 Action News got a look at some products on the sidewalk. Boukli practiced his pitch during the wait.

“My product is reading glasses that will go with your smartphone and they'll fit inside your laptop as well, and they could fit anywhere you want to,” he said.

If investors see potential in the idea, they could choose to fund it for a stake in the company.

Even if they don't, air time on the show brings national attention to aspiring entrepreneurs like Boukli, who hopes his personality and product will get him a long way with the judges.