Serial child molester’s conviction upheld by Ga. Supreme Court

Harry Brett Taylor

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Harry Brett Taylor

former Cub Scout leader's conviction for molesting 17 boys was upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court, a ruling released Monday morning says.

Harry Brett Taylor was convicted of 32 child molestation charges in 2014 and sentenced to life in prison. After his conviction, he appealed, saying a search warrant used to collect evidence from his computer was invalid.

That appeal was denied by the Court of Appeals of Georgia. Taylor appealed again to the Georgia Supreme Court in September, and the Supreme Court decided against Taylor on Feb. 5.

The warrant that Taylor was challenging authorized a search of his Lawrenceville home. Police found evidence including child pornography and images of Taylor molesting children, including relatives and children he met through his position in the Cub Scouts.

Taylor’s attorney argued that the warrant did not sufficiently establish that the location searched was Taylor’s residence. The Supreme Court agreed with a previous Court of Appeals ruling that the warrant did properly establish that.

You can read the opinion in its entirety here.

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