Sandy Springs raises City Springs budget

The Sandy Springs City Council has approved a 3.5 percent increase in the overall budget for the City Springs downtown redevelopment to cover such items as security upgrades, theater and acoustical enhancements, and furniture costs associated with office and public spaces.

The council approved a $6.5 million budget amendment that includes roughly $2.9 million for construction-related costs; $2 million for professional services, including architecture, landscaping and technology services; and $1.5 million for contingency. It also added $1.2 million to the furniture, fixtures and equipment budget. The budget for City Springs now exceeds $229 million.

“With any construction project, you plan for the unexpected, and we have done an excellent job of covering a majority of those items within the initial scope. However, this is a complex design-build program, and the increase (is) necessary to see us through the project,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul.

City Springs officially opens next summer. Information: