Salt mixup creates HOT fries at Cobb restaurant

A customer at an east Cobb County restaurant didn't think his french fries tasted right Friday.

The man told Ted's Montana Grill employees, and three others also tasted the fries.

The problem? A metal cleaner had been used in place of salt.

A call was placed to 911, and firefighters and police were sent to the restaurant.

"It was called "fryer cleaner" and it looked just like Kosher salt," said Officer Joseph Hernandez with Cobb County police. "A cup of this cleaner was left out, and it was mistaken for salt and ended up in a shaker."

Investigators do not think the mix-up was intentional and likely happened during cleanup Thursday night, Hernandez said.

"It appears to be accidental," he said.

Three people were taken to WellStar Kennestone hospital for evaluation, Hernandez said. Their injuries are not believed to be serious.