Eight run for Gwinnett commission chair; Hunter won’t seek re-election

Eight people are running to replace Gwinnett Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash, who won’t seek reelection. There are a number of contested races in Gwinnett County for the May 19 primary. EMILY HANEY / emily.haney@ajc.com AJC FILE PHOTO

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Eight people are running to replace Gwinnett Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash, who won’t seek reelection. There are a number of contested races in Gwinnett County for the May 19 primary. EMILY HANEY / emily.haney@ajc.com AJC FILE PHOTO

Embattled Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter won’t seek re-election, but Kathryn Schrader, a judge who will go to trial for a second time this spring in a computer hacking case, hopes to keep her seat.

Hunter’s decision to step down after his colleagues upheld an ethics complaint for language he made on his Facebook page means that three Gwinnett commission seats — all currently held by Republicans — will be open this fall. Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash and Commissioner Jace Brooks had already announced their plans not to seek re-election.

Five Democrats and three Republicans are running to be the commission chair, while one Democrat and two Republicans are seeking the District 1 seat, which is currently held by Brooks. The District 3 seat, which Hunter is vacating, has five Democrat and three Republican contenders. The primary will be held May 19.

Republicans have dominated Gwinnett politics for decades, but have recently Democrats made inroads. With the three Republicans on the board of commissioners retiring from public office, the two longest-serving elected officials on the board will be Democrats, and Democrats could have majority control of county government for the first time since the 1980s.

Republican Sheriff Butch Conway also opted not to run for re-election, and four Democrats and two Republicans are seeking to replace him.

Danny Porter, the longtime district attorney, flirted with changing parties but is seeking another term as a Republican. He has two Democratic challengers.

Nearly every seat up for election this year is contested. Even the sitting tax commissioner, Republican Richard Steele, has three Democratic challengers.

Schrader, the judge who has been accused of computer trespass, is scheduled to be retried April 27, following a mistrial. She has four challengers in the nonpartisan race.

Three members of the county school board are running for reelection. The Clerk of Court seat is uncontested, as are several judicial races. A number of state races are contested, and several sitting state representatives are not seeking reelection. For a full list of candidates, see below. Incumbents are marked (i).

Gwinnett Commission Chairman

George Awuku, Republican

Marcia Neaton, Republican

David Post, Republican

Nicole Love Hendrickson, Democrat

Andy Morgan, Democrat

Desmond Nembhard, Democrat

Curt Thompson, Democrat

Lee Thompson, Democrat

Gwinnett Commission District 1

Laurie McClain, Republican

Jacqueline Tseng, Republican

Kirkland Carden, Democrat

Gwinnett Commission District 3

Ben Archer, Republican

Matt DeReimer, Republican

Kim Walker, Republican

Roger Marmol, Democrat

John Moye, Democrat

Justin Walsh, Democrat

Jasper Watkins, Democrat

Derrick Wilson, Democrat

Gwinnett Board of Education District 1

Carole Boyce, Republican (i)

Segun Adeyina, Democrat

Karen Watkins, Democrat

Gwinnett Board of Education District 3

Mary Kay Murphy, Republican (i)Tanisha Banks, Democrat

Gwinnett Board of Education District 5

Tarece Johnson, Democrat

Louise Radloff, Democrat (i)


Lou Solis, Republican

Keith VanNus, Republican

Curtis Clemons, Democrat

Keybo Taylor, Democrat

Floyd Scott, Democrat

Ben Haynes, Democrat

District attorney

Danny Porter, Republican (i)

Patsy Austin-Gatson, Democrat

Wesley “Wes” Person, Democrat

Tax commissioner

Richard Steele, Republican (i)

Regina Carden, Democrat

Maureen McIvor, Democrat

Tiffany Porter, Democrat

Superior Court Judge

Tamela Adkins

Randy Rich (i)

Superior Court Judge

Deborah R. Fluker

Kelly Kautz

Christa Kirk

B.T. Parker

Kathryn “Kathy” Schrader (i)

Senate District 9

P.K. Martin IV, Republican (i)

Nikki Merritt, Democrat

Cheryle Renee Moses, Democrat

Gabe Okoye, Democrat

Senate District 40

Garry Guan, Republican

Sally Harrell, Democrat (i)

Senate District 41

William Park Freeman, Republican

Gil Freeman, Democrat

Mohammed Jahangir Hossain, Democrat

Kim Jackson, Democrat

Beverly R. Jones, Democrat

Sabrina McKenzie, Democrat

Senate District 45

Sammy Baker, Republican

Clint Dixon, Republican

Noemi Puntier, Republican

Ernie Anaya, Democrat

Matielyn Jones, Democrat

Richard Smith, Democrat

Senate District 48

Matt Reeves, Republican

Michelle Au, Democrat

Josh Uddin, Democrat

House District 93

Hubert Owens Jr., Republican

Dar’shun Kendrick, Democrat (i)

Alfred Reynolds, Democrat

House District 95

Erica McCurdy, Republican

Beth Moore, Democrat (i)

House District 97

Bonnie Rich, Republican (i)

Mary Blackmon Campbell, Democrat

House District 98

David Clark, Republican (i)

Taeho Cho, Democrat

House District 99

Jorge Granados, Democrat

Marvin Lim, Democrat

House District 101

Carol Field, Republican

Sam Park, Democrat (i)

House District 102

Soo Hong, Republican

Gregg Kennard, Democrat (i)

House District 103

Timothy Barr, Republican (i)

Derrick McCollum, Republican

Donald Schmidt, Republican

Clifton Marshall, Democrat

House District 104

Chuck Efstration, Republican (i)

Nakita Hemingway, Democrat

Andrea Stephenson, Democrat

House District 105

Eric Dierks, Republican

Donna McLeod, Democrat (i)

House District 106

Brett Harrell, Republican (i)

Emily Leslie, Democrat

Rebecca Mitchell, Democrat

House District 107

Michael McConnell, Republican

Shelly Hutchinson, Democrat (i)

House District 108

Johnny Crist, Republican

Jasmine Clark, Democrat (i)

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