Roswell public art finds work-around for coronavirus, self-quarantine

Artists and Roswell Arts Fund staff are offering a public art exhibit that can be seen even during self-quarantine from the coronavirus.

Work is underway to finish installation of the latest ArtAround Roswell public art exhibit.

The outdoor sculpture exhibit was set to open April 16. However, people will still be able to see the exhibit online, including audio of artists describing what each work represents.

The 2020 collection of 23 pieces includes 10 temporary works that artists and Roswell Arts Fund executive director Ghila Sanders plan to have installed by April 1. The installations require minimum personnel said Sanders.

“The majority of the artists rely on these commissions and we seek to support them with this and all of our projects” said Sanders. “The pieces were chosen through a public art selection process that narrowed it down from 80 to 10.”

The ArtAround Sculpture Tour started in 2016. Sculptures by artists across the U.S. are installed mainly around the west side of Roswell. A collection of permanent and temporary sculptures is displayed each year from April to March.

Visit the Roswell Arts Fund website to see the permanent collection and hear audio.