Roswell police officer uses car jack to save deer

Sometime Thursday morning, a pair of homeowners in north Fulton County looked out into their yard and saw a critter stuck in their fence.

When the neighboring homeowners, got a closer look, they saw that a deer was stuck in the fence that separates their yards on Lancaster Square, just off Houze Way. Without an immediate solution, they called the police.

Officer Greg Marietta with the Roswell Police Department showed up to the scene and saved the deer by wedging a car jack between the metal fencing, separating the bars enough for the deer to run free.

The neighbors sent a note to Roswell police, writing: "A huge thank you to Officer Marietta of the Roswell Police Department for helping free this deer this morning! She was stuck in the fence between our yards. He used a flat tire lift to spread the fence enough to get her out. We were all so happy she was OK."

Marietta has been with the Roswell Police Department for 8 and a half years.

After the deer was freed, it quickly ran off and exited the backyard through another gate towards a nearby wooded area. Lisa Holland with Roswell police said that the deer didn’t seem to have any injuries except where “she was rubbing her sides on the fence as she was struggling.” It was raw and lightly bleeding, Holland said.

A wildlife control company was called, Holland said, but didn’t arrive until shortly after the deer scampered away.

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