Roswell officials to explain city budget process

Roswell officials announced two meetings in the new year to educate residents about the city’s budget process.

The meetings are to start at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 23, at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building at Roswell Area Park, 10495 Woodstock Road; and the same time, Feb. 1, in the Community Room of the East Roswell Park Recreation Center, 9000 Fouts Road.

“Understanding a municipal budget can be intimidating, even for those well-versed in finances and accounting,” said Ryan Luckett, Roswell finance director. “We want to make sure our residents have a good understanding of how their tax dollars are managed and invested in the community.”

Staff will give an overview and discuss phases of the budget cycle, budget principles and best practices, revenues and expenditures of each major fund, and how the city prioritizes spending to support community goals while maintaining fiscal strength and stability.

Those with questions about the meetings can contact Budget Manager Harpreet Hora at Information: